2023 Issue

Volume 8 2023

Main Squeeze staff is honored to show the works of authors and artists who collectively show the ineffable breadth of this cherished responsibility we have on earth: to produce as much art as possible. Some of these works have suffered interdimensional voyages and were spliced between the cosmos, thus appearing so absent. Some were written under gallows, on top of numerous bison, papers thrown into inbox seconds before the end of the world. You ever seen relentless verse shoveled into the hungry air? We still love you.


  • Editor-in-Chief: Indigo Palmer
  • Managing Editor: Colin Ivey
  • Fiction Editors: Asher Laubach, Daryl Burks, Kaya Courtroul, Sophie Burnette
  • Poetry Editors: Davy Crockett Wiggins, Rhiannon Chavez, Rubin Forette
  • Nonfiction Editors: William Smith, Zach Hudson
  • Art Editor: Rubin Forette
  • Design & Layout: Asher Astrum
  • Communication & PR: Zach Hudson



  • Skin by Lindsey Miller